Introducing the Pop Up Archive Mashup Contest 2012: bring archival audio to life for your chance at a free SoundCloud membership

Take a stab at showcasing the hidden value of archival audio for the first ever Pop Up Archive Mashup Contest!

We’re soliciting mashups of up to three minutes in length, centered on three themes (up to one submission per person, per category): Ambiance, Election Season, and/or Voices. You can find the sets here: If we pick you as a winner, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a free SoundCloud account!

How it works:

1. Listen through and pick some audio from the three sets we’ve curated for you, centered around three themes: AmbianceElection Season, and Voices.

2. Download any tracks you want to remix and get to work! At least 50% of audio materials must come from the clips in the Pop Up Archive mashup sets.

3. You can mix and match tracks between the sets, as long as the finished mashup is under three minutes in length and fits one of our three mashup themes.

4. We repeat: the time limit for submissions is three minutes. That’s 180 seconds.

5. Upload your track to SoundCloud and submit your entry by adding it to the Pop Up Archive Mashup Contest Group:

6. For extra points, once you’ve mixed your audio, illustrate it using the interactive storytelling tool Zeega, or Mozilla’s PopcornMaker. You can request the beta version of Zeega here: and get direct access to PopcornMaker here: They play nice with SoundCloud audio! Just click the “Share” button under your SoundCloud track and use the “Link” provided as your media source for either editor. Then add timestamped maps, images, video, or just about anything else you’d like (PopcornMaker works best with Firefox, surprise surprise).

7. If you created an interactive piece using PopcornMaker or Zeega, submit it to us directly: popuparchive at gmail dot com. Feel free to link to it in the description of your audio track on SoundCloud, as well. Here’s an example:

8. Proper Creative Commons licensing is required. Attribute yourself by name and indicate which non-commercial Creative Commons license you have chosen for your mashup.

9. Your submission must also include attribution (with hyperlinks) for the material you have remixed from the Pop Up Archive mashup sets. You should do this in the description field when you upload your track to SoundCloud.

10. All material from outside the Pop Up Archive mashup sets must be original, or used under a CC license.

An Information Life-Cycle Approach: Best Practices for Digital Archiving

As we move into the electronic era of digital objects it is important to know that there are new barbarians at the gate and that we are moving into an era where much of what we know today, much of what is coded and written electronically, will be lost forever. We are, to my mind, living in the midst of digital Dark Ages; consequently, much as monks of times past, it falls to librarians and archivists to hold to the tradition which reveres history and the published heritage of our times. – Terry Kuny, XIST/Consultant, National Library of Canada [Kuny 1998]

An Information Life-Cycle Approach: Best Practices for Digital Archiving