Creating access for the Presbyterian Historical Society’s audio archives

A searchable audio database for decades of historic recordings

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Organized in 1852, The Presbyterian Historical Society is the oldest religious archive in the United States. Its collections include audio recordings which document pivotal moments in world history, among them the organization of a national church in Cameroon, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

With the help of Pop Up Archive, PHS is making this audio findable on their digital collections site. We spoke with Elise Warshavsky, Digital Archivist at Presbyterian Historical Society, about how they’ve been using Pop Up Archive’s tools.

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“It was a toilet, plush-lined.” Lena Horne and Harlem’s Cotton Club.

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When the Negro was in vogue: Listen on SoundCloudiTunes, Stitcher, and Pop Up Archive.

On Popcast: What does it mean to “act like a Negro?” Lena Horne speaks about being a black performer in the early 20th century.

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Searching 40,000 hours of broadcasting history

Pop Up Archive and WGBH embark on a landmark project to make the American Archive searchablelogos

On August 31, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded $14.16 million in grant funding to libraries across the United States. We’re thrilled to announce that the WGBH Educational Foundation, together with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and Pop Up Archive, received one of 276 National Leadership Grants.

The $898,474 grant includes transcribing, analyzing, and building crowdsourcing tools for almost 40,000 hours of digital audio from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting over the next two and half years. This will be the first major media archive of its kind: the new American Archive site will integrate full-text, searchable transcripts and crowdsourced metadata for thousands of hours of audiovisual materials.

Read more about the IMLS grantees announced last week.

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What would your dream podcast intern do?

What do podcasters need most? See the results of our mini-survey
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At Pop Up Archive we help audio creators with the day-to-day challenges of making audio more shareable and discoverable. So we posed the following question to the podcasters among Pop Up Archive and Twitter followers:

If you had one person’s time and energy to help your podcast, what would you have them do?

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