Breaking down the podcast recommendation landscape

Results from our podcast discovery survey

A few weeks ago, we asked you some questions about how you find out about podcasts. Respondents — 56 in total — brought myriad recommendations to the table, from the apps they use to their favorite newsletters.

The answers reveal a landscape that is both active and varied, with lots of room for growth. Here are our key takeaways about the best sources of podcast discovery in 2016:

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Election talk: from stump speeches to radio tirades

Capturing election talk from podcasts and radio


As election season ramps up to a fever pitch, political commentators are tracking candidates’ every move, with no shortage of opinions to voice. Words are at the core of this race — whether stump speeches, talk radio tirades, or pundit panels.

We transcribe hours of political chatter as it happens through our podcast search engine, Below are some examples of what people across the U.S. have been saying about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. You can search and share soundbites yourself over at

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Voices of Black History: Past and Present

Black history in the making

Beyonce in the music video for "Formation"
Beyonce in the music video for “Formation”

From archival audio holdings to the daily podcasts we index at, Pop Up Archive works with some of the most important voices of the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. In honor of Black History Month, we’ve collected audio that traces issues like discrimination, feminism, and education in African American communities throughout the 20th century and into the 21st.

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Tracking down podcast talk on the web

Help us collect podcast reviews and recommendations!

Driving Podcast Playlist by Caribb, CC BY 2.0

Since we launched the podcast engine, we’ve watched conversations about the podcasting scene multiply. We know that word of mouth is one of the biggest drivers of audio discovery, but how does that podcast talk play out on the web? New podcast recommendation newsletters crop up all the time, not to mention the active podcast chatter across social media, and “best-of” lists from sources like NPR, The Atlantic, and Wired.

Our current tastemakers, composed of a selection of influential podcast listeners and outlets, generate hundreds of podcast recommendations each week. With all the new attention paid to podcasts in the last year, we want to expand the breadth of our sources even more.

So, we’re revisiting the question: where do listeners turn to discover new podcasts?  Tell us: What are your preferred people, podcasts, and media outlets for finding audio? Fill out our short survey — the results are public, so you might just discover some new sources for yourself.

Where do you find out about podcasts?

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