Crafting & sharing KCRW stories with Pop Up Archive

How searchable audio fits into KCRW’s workflow

If you’ve ever turned the radio dial while driving along the streets of Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard something from KCRW. From their signature music program “Morning Becomes Eclectic” to current events programs like “To the Point,” the Santa Monica station captures and broadcasts a diverse and lively combination of perspectives to Californians every day.

Pop Up Archive began working with KCRW in the summer of 2014. Since that time, the station has created over 30 collections split among more than a dozen active team members. Pop Up’s public archive of KCRW content has grown to over 2,000 hours of audio. 

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How to use Pop Up Archive with your team

Why organizations like the CBC use Pop Up Archive team plans

Recently, we profiled how individuals like radio veteran Charlie Meyerson use Pop Up Archive to manage their personal archives. Now we’ll show you how Pop Up Archive users on small business and enterprise plans use our team features to allow multiple users to edit and access transcripts for shared collections.

Here are some advantages of Pop Up team plans for managing your organization’s audio:

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A new tool for podcast recommendation

Find new podcasts with PodLikeThat

As we’ve surveyed people about podcast discovery, one common complaint from listeners is that when it comes to trying out new shows, it’s hard to know where to start. While best of lists and curated recommendation sources abound, it takes time and work to wade through the picks and answer one simple question: what podcast should I listen to right now?

We’re cooking up a few different podcast discovery options over at PodLikeThat uses complex podcast intelligence to recommend podcasts based on the question: what other episodes do you like?

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Preserving personal audio archives with Pop Up Archive

Personal Archives: preserving a storied career in radio

After years of working in audio and video, many reporters and producers find that they’ve amassed substantial, historic archives. But — understandably — most creators don’t know the first thing about how to archive their audio and make it accessible online. Pop Up Archive works with customers like Charlie Meyerson to make this process as simple as possible.

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