Open Audio Weekend

Creating better access, engagement, & sharing tools for audio

Last weekend Pop Up Archive teamed up with New York Public Library Labs and The Moth for Open Audio Weekend, a two day hackathon to prototype new tools for digital audio. The event was the culmination of work on the Together We Listen, a project supported by the Knight Foundation Prototype grant which was awarded to NYPL and The Moth in late 2015 to explore using crowd-sourcing corrections to Pop Up Archive’s automatic transcripts. Continue reading

Analyzing podcasts through their language

Using transcript analysis to fuel podcast discovery

Lots of people get podcast recommendations from friends, social media, newsletters, or websites — which are pretty much the only sources available to them. Today’s podcast listening apps don’t offer much in terms of options for search and discovery.

A few apps have charts that reflect measurements of show popularity, or offer some insight into the listening habits of people who subscribe to the same show you do. But most podcast platforms simply don’t have much information about the podcasts they offer to listeners. There’s a title, maybe a short description, and possibly some listening data gathered by tracking users in the app. But the episodes themselves — their content, the topics they cover, people they feature, moods they strike — are black boxes.

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Making podcast search smarter

New ways to slice and dice podcasts: Podcast Finder 

What if searching for podcasts felt as fun and effortless as browsing on-demand video platforms like Netflix or Hulu?

We’re using the deep database of podcast metadata we’ve collected at, the podcast search engine and API from the Pop Up Archive team, to build better ways to discover podcasts. provides topic and network filters, discovery categories, and smart show search features to make finding podcasts easier than ever. Give it a try — and tweet at us to tell us what other options you’d like to see.

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Tutorial for Pop Up Archive’s Adobe Extension

How to use Pop Up Archive’s plugin for Adobe Audition & Premiere

As anyone editing spoken-word audio today knows, there’s no single tool that meets every production need. Working with raw tape often means toggling from window to window in order to align transcripts with audio editing software. With Pop Up Archive’s extension for Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition, you can simplify this process by bringing audio and transcript editing into one workspace.

We’ll walk you through the steps of setting up and using the extension in Adobe Premiere. Unless otherwise stated, all features are also available in Adobe Audition. The extension is only supported in the latest versions of Adobe Premiere and Audition.

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