Cataloging 1,000 hours of educational history

“Pop Up Archive is a great product. When I pitched it in my interview to lead this project, it lit up the room. I took a short segment from an LA city council meeting and demonstrated to everybody how it worked, and within a minute they all got what it was, what it did, and what the value was to our project.” Summer Espinoza, Digital Archivist

Summer Espinoza is a digital archivist at California State University at Dominguez Hills, and she’s currently working on a huge project digitizing the archives for the entire California State University system archives. This encompasses anything related relevant to the board of trustees, task forces, and much more, and includes topics such as educational policy, master planning, and system-wide initiatives. While the archive is primarily composed of documents, there are also around 600 audio files totaling over 1,000 hours that date from the early days of the system in the 1960s and 1980s. Continue reading

Pop Up Archive customers: Save 15% on Hearken and engage your audience

“Pop Up Archive and Hearken provide absolutely critical services for reporters and news organizations. Hearken allows us to interact with our audience in a meaningful way, and with Pop Up Archive we can quickly transform audio into searchable text that makes production more efficient and online accessibility simple. These platforms are indispensable parts of any 21st century newsroom.”

—Tim Olson, Chief Digital Officer (KQED)

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