Making podcast search smarter

New ways to slice and dice podcasts: Podcast Finder 

What if searching for podcasts felt as fun and effortless as browsing on-demand video platforms like Netflix or Hulu?

We’re using the deep database of podcast metadata we’ve collected at, the podcast search engine and API from the Pop Up Archive team, to build better ways to discover podcasts. provides topic and network filters, discovery categories, and smart show search features to make finding podcasts easier than ever. Give it a try — and tweet at us to tell us what other options you’d like to see.

Smart show search

Have you ever had the experience of searching for something on a podcast platform only to come up against 0 results because you can’t remember the exact title? show search uses all of the metadata at its disposal, like network and contributor information, to help find what you’re looking for.

For example, a search for This American Life host “Ira Glass” surfaces not just Glass’s trademark show, but also the “Ira Class” parody podcast, “That American Life.”

Filter by dozens of categories and networks

The podcast finder offers extensive options for category and network filters, from niche sub-categories like “Aviation” to a full range of BBC radio channels. You can even mix and match filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Only want to hear podcasts about Tech News from the 5×5 network? Select the relevant filters to see what matches those criteria.

New modes of discovery

“Recently Updated Shows” features freshly published episodes for the latest in tech, sports, politics, and other categories. “Recently Recommended Shows” pulls podcasts that have been recommended by tastemakers from around the web.

Stay tuned as we built out more hyper-specific categories using intelligence about podcast popularity, contributors, and transcript data.

Find a new podcast with the Podcast Finder