A new tool for podcast recommendation

Find new podcasts with PodLikeThat

As we’ve surveyed people about podcast discovery, one common complaint from listeners is that when it comes to trying out new shows, it’s hard to know where to start. While best of lists and curated recommendation sources abound, it takes time and work to wade through the picks and answer one simple question: what podcast should I listen to right now?

We’re cooking up a few different podcast discovery options over at Audiosear.ch. PodLikeThat uses complex podcast intelligence to recommend podcasts based on the question: what other episodes do you like?

How it works

1. Select a podcast episode you like

Start typing the name of a podcast you’ve enjoyed recently. Don’t remember the exact name? Audiosear.ch’s type-ahead feature will do its best to figure it out.


2. Pick a category

Can’t think of a specific episode? Select a category to narrow down the podcast recommendations we give to episodes in that category, or try “All Shows.”

3. Get three new podcast picks based on your choices!

After you select a category or episode, we’ll show you three podcasts we’ve identified as being thematically, stylistically, and/or culturally similar.

PodLikeThat, along with Audiosear.ch Charts and Pod-A-Day, showcases a suite of new approaches that the Pop Up Archive team is exploring to create richer podcast discovery experiences. Try it out and let us know what you discover!Find a new podcast to listen to with PodLikeThat