Add automatic tags to your audio posts in WordPress


Interview from the Detroit Sound Conservancy’s Greystone collection

Why is it hard to find audio on the web? Audio isn’t text. That means it doesn’t get indexed by search engines.

Don’t worry: Pop Up Archive is taking care of that. We’ve developed a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly add audio and automatic tags straight to blog posts. No more annoying manual tag entry — and no more digging through old file folders buried in your hard drive. You can access your audio and tags right from inside WordPress.

What you see when you add media to a WordPress post:


Why it makes your life easier:

  • Seamlessly integrate Pop Up Archive auto-tags into your blog post with the “Add Tags” button. (You can approve and reject the tags on Pop Up Archive — or add your own.)
  • Embed a player for your audio by clicking “Add Shortcode.”


Ready to check it out? Install the plugin and get started today.

Need help setting it up? Don’t hesitate to contact us with support questions. 

Final pro tip: Even if you don’t use WordPress, you can easily embed our audio player into the html of any other site, including tumblr, by simply clicking the “embed” button on any Pop Up Archive item page.