And of course, she was a Scorpio

Describing Sylvia Plath in a 1972 radio documentary from The Pacifica Radio Archives, Plath’s editor, Fran McCullough says that while re-reading The Bell Jar, she noticed that “instances of her bitchiness and snobbery [were] quite astonishing. And of course she was a Scorpio.” 

In the latest Popcast, host Eliza Smith uses the lens of astrology to understand Plath, asking Bay Area astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo to examine her birth chart. What follows is a tragic and insightful analysis of the life and work of Sylvia Plath.

Thanks again to astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo for her incredible interview. Also thanks to producers Eliza Smith and Emily Saltz, plus Avery Trufelman (99% Invisible) for editorial advisement. Find the transcript to this episode, plus Lanyadoo’s full interview, on Pop Up Archive.

See the birth chart she drew up for Sylvia Plath below: