Can’t type, won’t type

Thanks for the shout out, and for checking out our premium software release! Just send us an email, or fill in the contact form on our site (from the Enterprise plan) if you have questions about getting started. 

Also, to speak to your concerns about security issues: we do have a thorough privacy policy, which you can find in our terms of service. All of the audio that’s public on the site has either been publically uploaded by users, or is audio that we’ve found from the public domain. Users can also choose to make their audio and its machine-generated data private; all data is transferred using a secure protocol. Information security is very important to us. 

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Everyone hates logging. Which is why, half the time, we don’t do it.

So, what if I gave you access to someone who would type of all of your interviews, make them effortlessly searchable, and at any time of day? Thanks to machine transcription that’s about to happen. It’s just a question of when.

The BBC already has work underway in this area using the R&D product Comma, but there’s also an explosion in third parties offering this kind of service.

I’ve had my eye on Pop-up Archive for a while. Their interface looks slick and their prices are keen but they’ve also looked a bit iffy in the accuracy department with a few information security issues thrown in too (how happy are you with your sensitive rushes potentially being accessible to all?) But now they have upped their game with an enterprise offering which looks very tasty. I plan to give it a go, so watch this space for the verdict.

Check out the site here

Can’t type, won’t type