Creating accountability and access for news audio


Politicians, by trade, speak often and at length. But the news cycle moves fast, and many words are quickly forgotten, or impossible to recover from hours of broadly labeled footage. That’s where we come in: rather than sift through hours of CSPAN video to research what’s been said about a policy, a search in Pop Up Archive takes you to the exact timestamped point of the relevant discussion.  

We’re processing audio for a number of news syndicates. Here are some news collections where you can search political keywords from the public archive:

  • The California Report (KQED): a daily news show for Northern California public media that follows the big issues and policy debates happening all around California.
  • Which Way, L.A.? (KCRW): Southern California’s "signature local public affairs program" covers not just local news, but also the most pressing national and international affairs.
  • News from Illinois Public Media: featuring top reporting out of NPR, Illinois Public Media, the Associated Press, and more.
  • Crosscurrents (KALW): In-depth local news served up daily through San Francisco Public Radio. 

While we’ve got you covered for radio news, what if you’re looking to search TV news? Thanks to a project from our friends at the Internet Archive, television news footage is more accessible than ever through the TV News Archive. They take media which has already been captioned and make that text searchable to the second.

The age of passive political listening is past. With these tools, you can zone in on your favorite issue with unprecedented acuity.