Creating audio that fits the web:  

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“If you posted the most incredible story — literally, the most incredible story that has ever been told since people have had the ability to tell stories, it will never, ever get as many hits as a video of a cat with a moustache.”

– Radio and podcast producer Nate DiMeo as quoted in Stan Alcorn’s “Why Audio Never Goes Viral” (a must-read for audiophiles).

Cat jokes aside, it’s true: audio is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to discovery online. In the digital newsroom, there’s no such thing as off-air. Modern audiences listen on-demand. They’re no longer passive anymore, but rather content scavengers, seeking out and sharing media. So what makes audio so hard to find?

The problem:

Sound is opaque. You can’t picture audio, or skim the words in a recording. Its opacity makes it hard to share — there’s no visual content to latch on to. The text and images added to audio pages are labor intensive to create, and often fail to capture crucial content within audio.

The fact is, text is the medium of the web. But audio isn’t text. There’s no clear path for audiences to find even the most compelling audio.

The solution:

It’s possible now to deliver audio in ways that are accessible to digital audiences. So let’s prove that digital audio can be shared effectively. By generating automatic transcripts and keyword tags, the content of audio can already be effortlessly searched within Pop Up Archive. Over the next few months, we’re working with select media organizations to take this even further: making spoken-word audio more discoverable, shareable, and monetizable. 

The opportunity:

  • High-accuracy, speaker-differentiated machine transcripts for bulk quantities of audio – our automatic transcripts are timestamped, and searchable to the second
  • Content optimized for indexing by search engines, driving more traffic to media pages
  • Metrics about how Pop Up Archive’s tools affect audience engagement
  • Revived and expanded reach of evergreen content buried on servers or in website archives
  • Custom widgets that automatically embed tags, transcripts, and select snippets of audio into partner sites

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