Election talk: from stump speeches to radio tirades

Capturing election talk from podcasts and radio


As election season ramps up to a fever pitch, political commentators are tracking candidates’ every move, with no shortage of opinions to voice. Words are at the core of this race — whether stump speeches, talk radio tirades, or pundit panels.

We transcribe hours of political chatter as it happens through our podcast search engine, Audiosear.ch. Below are some examples of what people across the U.S. have been saying about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. You can search and share soundbites yourself over at Audiosear.ch.

On the Majority Report podcast, host Sam Seder praises Clinton’s experience, but feels her presidential pitch lacks a strong mission.

“I still think that Hillary Clinton has yet to articulate an overarching message that is that is about her agenda beyond her qualifications. I mean, I think her qualifications are incredibly solid, and I think that if she wants to beat Bernie Sanders, she’s made that case. People already know her, and she needs to sort of say, not list off four or five policies of what she’s going to do, she needs to have just a cohesive narrative about what she’s going to do.”

Hear the moment from Cliff Schecter: Democrats Have Two Great Choices & the Resentments of Marc Maron, The Majority Report (2/12/16).

Meanwhile, conservative talk show host Glenn Beck comments on what he sees as Clinton’s corrupt superdelegate advantage.

“The superdelegates: they’re people that have already made their choice, they can switch if they want to, but they’re not tied to the voters. They can come in and they can all say, you know what, Hillary Clinton is the one that’s going to win. And Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been courting these people for a very long time. And I mean it’s just so corrupt. This is the party that’s continually talking about democracy, democracy, democracy, democracy. That’s not democracy.”

Hear the moment from Thank You, Rush Limbaugh, The Glenn Beck Program (2/12/16).

NPR’s Marketplace explores the feasibility of Sanders’ ambitious plans for the presidency.

“Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, coming off his big win in New Hampshire, has a lot of big plans for new social programs. Big expensive social programs that, according to Sanders anyway, Wall Street is going to help pay for.”

Hear the moment from Bernie, Hillary and Wall Street, Marketplace (2/11/16).

On Real Time with Bill Maher, political analyst Ana Navarro addresses Sanders’ potential to gain voter support from minorities.

“I think people underestimate Bernie Sanders. You know, they think that because there’s all these African-Americans in South Carolina and African-Americans and Hispanics in Nevada he can’t win. You know African-Americans, Hispanics, minority groups, we don’t all think alike. This is not groupthink. We’re not one big homogeneous monolithic voting machine. There are African-American progressives, there are Spanish progressives, and I think he’s going to appeal to some of them.”

Hear the moment from Overtime, Real Time with Bill Maher (2/12/16).

On WBUR’s On Point, a listener calls in to voice support for the “very business” [sic] Donald Trump.

“I am a super Trump supporter, and the reason why is I really believe that Donald Trump has fooled them all and is very, very wise, very savvy, very business. And he has led the media around like a puppy dog. And they just follow him and follow him and follow him.”

Hear the moment from Week In The News, On Point with Tom Ashbrook (2/5/16).

On The Media asks whether talk radio rhetoric may have bolstered Trump’s unexpectedly successful candidacy.

“This truly is conservative talk radio’s election. Michael Harrison of Talkers magazine says talk show hosts praise God for giving them Trump. Trump is, quote, ‘a shock jock now running for President.’Meanwhile Ted Cruz, running in second, has made talk radio the centerpiece of his strategy. So now that medium has two native sons battling it out and pumping up the ratings.”

Hear the moment from The Elephant in the Room, On The Media (1/29/16).

Ted Cruz’s conservative, evangelical supporters have long been avid listeners of talk radio. Despite this, Trump’s bombast over the airwaves has managed to cut in on some of Cruz’s base.

“[Talk radio support] started with Cruz — he’s like the natural outgrowth of conservative talk. But Trump is starting to supplant Cruz and not because of ideological reasons. He has more pizzazz than Cruz. Trump has this cross cultural appeal. It’s not all angry old white men who like him, and that’s what I’m told is consistent with the listenership of talk radio. It’s a little bit more diverse than you might expect.”

Hear the moment from The Elephant in the Room, On The Media (1/29/16).

Slate’s Political Gabfest further attributes Cruz’s success in the Republican race (at least relative to non-Trump candidates) to the organization of his campaign.

David Plotz, referring to the New Hampshire primary: “Ted Cruz I think arguably had another good night because he finished third, and clearly is the strongest non-Trump candidate in the race I think. I mean John, let’s start with that: Is Cruz the strongest non-Trump candidate around?”

John Dickerson: “Yeah, that’s a great way to put it. Yes, that’s true both ideologically — he is most in sync with people most likely to participate in caucuses and primaries — [and] he’s also got a heck of a lot of money. Many have shown that he’s got organizational success.”

Hear the moment from The “Happy Valentine’s Day Rubio Robot” Edition, Slate Political Gabfest (2/12/16).


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