For you, a brand-spanking-new embeddable player and more pro tips:

PROTIP: Grab the embed code for any Pop Up Archive audio file to make it appear and play on your WordPress, Tumblr, or other site.


See it in action: take a listen to the archival gems in Pop Up Archive’s 
sonic year in review.

PROTIP: Download your original audio file and/or transcript with timestamps every 30 seconds.
PROTIP: For guidelines on what type of audio results in the most accurate transcripts, read our Audio Quality FAQ.
PROTIP: Add tags and other metadata (date, interviewee, description) by clicking the Edit button for any item:
PROTIP: Use the persistent audio player to keep listening to an audio file even when you navigate to other pages on the site:

PROTIP: Our public Internet Archive collections have thousands of old sounds waiting to be discovered. Current favorites: WWII broadcasts and NASA audio.

PROTIP: Create your own unlimited Internet Archive collections for free, with perks! Internet Archive collections get full transcripts and tags.


Next up: Creative Commons licenses and excerpting short audio clips from within a larger file. (More on digital audio copyright here, with input from the excellent team at Creative Commons.)

Drop us a line anytime. Questions, complaints, requests, anything.