From the Archive: Nora Ephron on Objective Journalism


Listen to this fascinating Studs Terkel interview with Nora Ephron from 1975.

Here is Ephron on the role of personal politics in journalism, and the difficulty of objectively reporting on the women’s movement:

I’ve never believed in objective journalism, and no one who is a journalist in his or her right mind does, because all writing is about selecting what you want to use. And as soon as you choose what to select, you’re not being objective…For someone like me, who was sympathetic to the women’s movement, and was trying to cover it as a journalist, I felt constantly in conflict between what my obligations were as a journalist [to reporting] the truth as I saw it[, and my belief in] the women’s movement. Because it always seemed if I wrote the truth about the movement that would somehow hurt it.

…If you write that the women spent the Democratic Convention squabbling among themselves, aren’t you giving people who want to put it down the ability to say, ‘oh those women, you give them a little power and they just behave like…cats and dog toward each other’? 


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