How I listen: Lucy Carnaghi

lucy“I love podcasts — always fantasize about doing my own someday!”
Meet Lucy Carnaghi. Lucy is the co-owner of a restaurant in Detroit called Rose’s Fine Food (“The Ultimate Diner”). In her free time, she enjoy foods and entertaining, reading and writing, exercise, horses, and making things. This is how Lucy listens.

When did you start listening to podcasts? Did someone teach you how to subscribe, and have you taught anyone else how to listen?

I started listening about five years ago because I wanted to catch up on This American Life episodes I was missing on regular radio. My interest in other podcasts grew from there. I tried to teach my dad, but I’m not sure if it really stuck for him.

How frequently do you listen to podcasts?

I listen to podcasts every week when I clean my house, about 1.5 – 2 hours worth of shows.

How many different shows do you actively listen to?

I’d say I listen to 5 – 6 shows regularly.

What’s a show that makes you think about things differently?

Radiolab, The Sporkful, TED Radio Hour, Created Equal, Gravy.

What time of day do you listen? Do you tend to listen while multitasking?

During the day, while cleaning or showering (ed. note: showering!). The benefit is definitely that I can get other things done while listening.

Do you ever listen to podcasts socially, like with friends or a partner?

I always have a lineup of podcasts ready for road trips with my boyfriend.

What is one reason why you listen?

Finding a great podcast is mind-expanding. It’s a way to learn aside from reading and the topics/conversations are not nearly as mainstream as regular media.

Do you talk about podcast episodes with friends (the same way you might talk about news and other forms of media)?

Absolutely. As a devoted listener, [I] frequently [make them] a point of reference in conversations.

Briefly describe the process of picking what to listen to on a given day. How do you decide?

I have my weekly shows that I catch up on; otherwise, I shop around in the previous episodes I’ve missed. It’s always fun to go back and listen to old interviews on Fresh Air, for example.

Do you use podcasts as entertainment, education, or both?

Both; there is such a vast range out there.

Thanks, Lucy!

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