How people listen to, save, and discover new podcasts

As part of research for Pop Up Archive’s latest project,, we shared a survey on Twitter from March 18-26 asking people how they listen to and save podcast episodes. We received 102 responses. 

What service(s) do you use to listen to podcasts?

Note: respondents could check multiple boxes in response to this question. 


“Other” responses included: Distributor-specific apps e.g. the NPR news app, Audioboom, TuneIn, Knomad, Doggcatcher, ICatcher, Instacast, Windows Phone Podcasts app, BeyondPod, Podcast Addict, “Android-specific app.”

How do you save podcasts to listen to later?

Of the 102 people who responded to the survey, 95 answered the question “how do you save podcasts to listen later?”  


“Other” responses included: Podcast Addict, BeyondPod, Podcatcher, Huffduffer, add it to a SoundCloud playlist, “add to playlist on knomad,” “subscribe on my android app,” “grab one episode without subscribing,” “email it to myself,” “subscribe in Windows Phone Podcasts app,” “download MP3 file via Feedly RSS reader for saving in case file isn’t available from the source indefinitely,” and “ICatcher lets me download a specific episode from a non-subscribed feed.”

Last week, we also shared a follow-up question with our Twitter followers: 

Where do you read about/get recommendations for podcasts?

We solicited qualitative responses to this question, since a big complaint we hear about podcast discovery is that there aren’t many great resources for finding new shows. 

Of about 30 responses, the most popular sources for podcast recommendations were word of mouth, other podcasts, the Apple podcast app, the Hot Pod newsletter, and Twitter. Other responses included Google, Facebook, and Reddit. More than one person mentioned using Overcast’s Twitter integration. Read more for a sampling from the responses:

“I get recs from people I follow on Twitter. When podcasts recommend other shows, I usually check them out.“

“I browse through new stuff and top charts in iTunes… check, and follow podcast people on Twitter.”

I subscribe to the Hot Pod newsletter. I sometimes check what people I follow on Twitter recommend via the Overcast app.

“Usually from other podcasts. I’ll listen to just about anything Radiotopia or TAL-endorsed, and most of what NPR and Slate offer is at least worth a try. Top ranked on iTunes occasionally yields hits, though most of those I either already know about or aren’t interested in.”

“I trust those who are my friends. Friends are human beings, like myself, whom I know. Know means human-to-human contact, speech and some emotional interface.”

“My friends. I live in a fairly active podcast culture, so we’re always swapping ‘what do you listen to?’ answers. That’s how I learned about podcasts like 99% or even Serial.”

“I read end of the year lists, scan by popularity in iTunes, browse recommended podcasts in Stitcher, talk with friends about what they’re listening to and occasionally try finding podcasts by searching for keywords or subjects.”

“I read The Timbre… I read Ryan’s Podcast Reviews. I read Podmass. I am in a podcast group on Facebook. I follow podcasters I listen to on Twitter.”

“I usually find recommendations shared on podcasts, or by radio/podcast folks on Twitter.”

Current, The NY Times, other podcasts, word of mouth.”

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