How to use Pop Up Archive with your team

Why organizations like the CBC use Pop Up Archive team plans

Recently, we profiled how individuals like radio veteran Charlie Meyerson use Pop Up Archive to manage their personal archives. Now we’ll show you how Pop Up Archive users on small business and enterprise plans use our team features to allow multiple users to edit and access transcripts for shared collections.

Here are some advantages of Pop Up team plans for managing your organization’s audio:

Share a team workspace

The number one reason to create a team account is if you have a project where multiple people need access to one workspace. As soon as you contact Pop Up Archive to create your team, all members will have access to the team’s collections. That means you can have a collection that is private from the general public, but visible internally to all members on your team.

Just as with personal accounts, users on team plans can create as many collections as they need. For larger organizations, some teams adopt naming conventions so that each producer or researcher is assigned to a different collection. Team members can log in to their workspace to access and edit audio simultaneously, getting their organization’s transcripts complete faster than ever.

Add and delete new members

Once the team is set up, all team members will be visible on a new page at You can get to this link by using the the navigation menu and selecting the name of your team.

Team “admins” can invite new users to join the team — all the new team member has to do is sign up for a free account.

What if someone leaves your organization? No problem. Admins can click on the “x” to the right of that team member’s name to remove them from the team.

Access controls

What if you want to give a volunteer access to your organization’s audio but don’t want them to accidentally delete hundreds of hours of audio? With team access controls, the team owner can decide which members have access to deleting files and collections. Team admins have full permissions to delete items, but regular team members can only upload audio and edit/download transcripts.

Only team owners can change the team’s plan settings, so you don’t have to worry about members exceeding the monthly limit or changing the plan.

Have a team of users clamoring to access transcripts in a shared workspace? Check out why teams like the CBC and KQED use Pop Up Archive in their production workflow.

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