Introducing the embeddable transcript player

Embed timestamped transcripts onto your site

To find audio online, we need text. One way to help audiences — and search engines — navigate audio is through timestamped transcripts. Adding machine transcripts to audio has two benefits: it helps humans as a search aid and enables search engines to index otherwise unreadable spoken word audio.

With Pop Up Archive’s new embeddable transcript player, you can share timestamped transcripts on your own site, and reap the benefits.

Engage audiences in a new way by embedding an auto-scrolling transcript to accompany audio. You can share specific snippets to highlight a powerful quote or moment. Listeners can listen and skim text anywhere on your site, even from a mobile device — all you have to do is copy and paste an embed code (follow these instructions!).

Text + Audio = SEO magic

In addition to our standard iFrame embeddable player, we’ve designed a special oEmbed player with search engine optimization (SEO) benefits in mind.

Curious what we’re talking about? Let us explain. The way search engines include information in their results is by “crawling” an HTML web page. But to make something interactive on the web, like an audio and transcript player, you usually need to use another technology, like JavaScript. While this works fine for audience engagement, many existing interactive transcripts are still not readable to search engines. We wanted to do things differently, which is why you can now choose to add our our SEO-friendly oEmbed player to your site.

Learn more about how you can use Pop Up Archive’s embeddable transcripts. Try out the embeddable transcript player, or test it out for yourself below: