Major improvements to Pop Up Archive

Better workflow, better prices: big news from Pop Up Archive


It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. We’ve been working behind the scenes for months to make Pop Up Archive even easier and more affordable to use, and we’re excited to chat you up about our new changes.

The spiffed up new look of your transcripts may have given us away. We just launched an updated version of our audio/transcript player that improves playback and text-editing functionality.

The retooled player is formatted to provide optimal readability and speed up your editing workflow. Instead of a line-by-line format, the new player displays text in paragraphs, much like you’d expect from any word processing software.


We also made the transcript more interactive: audio auto-plays for whatever text you’re editing, instead of requiring you to click a play button. Keyboard commands enable you to pause or rewind without having to click at all. Finally, we streamlined the process for adding and assigning speakers.

We could go on about the new player, but you should experience its many splendors for yourself. Give it a spin and see how easy it is to review and edit transcripts.


If you’re on a paid plan, your invoice may have tipped you off as well: new rates went into effect this month. As Pop Up Archive grows and speech-to-text technology becomes more cost-effective, we’re passing our savings on to you. Take advantage of our lower rates and upgrade to transcribe more audio:

1 Hour monthly: $20 => $15
5 Hours monthly: $75 => $65
10 Hours monthly: $150 => $120
20 Hours monthly: $300 => $240
25 Hours monthly: $375 => $300

As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions.
Happy transcribing!
The Pop Up Archive team