New download options for transcripts

New download options for transcripts

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When it comes to transcripts, text is half the battle: formatting can be just as important. We want to give you transcripts that makes sense for your needs, so we’ve added new transcript export options designed to fit your workflows.

  • Need to see the timing at a glance to edit an interview or navigate an oral history? Select “Text Format with Timestamps.” Timestamps appear at speaker changes.
  • Need to publish or excerpt a transcript, and don’t care at all about timestamps? Choose “Text Format without Timestamps” and open the file with any text editor:
  • Need even more fine-grained timestamps? Choose the “SRT” caption format to get timestamps for every transcript line.
  • Need to make corrections to a transcript? Use Pop Up Archive’s editing tools, which include key commands to play, pause, and rewind audio.

Is there another download format you’d like to see? Let us know at!

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