Our public archive is rife with historic audio from the movement for equality and freedom of speech that swept the UC Berkeley campus in the mid 1960s. Check out some of the highlights from the UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library collection:

An audio history of the Free Speech Movement

#HackFSM: Using Pop Up Archive to search speech for the Free Speech Movement Digital Archive

In April, a group at UC-Berkeley made use of the historic content in our collections during a hackathon hosted for students to design the new Free Speech Movement Digital Archive.

The winning site, prototyped in just twelve days, uses Pop Up Archive’s public API to make Free Speech audio searchable directly from the site alongside images, text, and a timeline. By making audio from the UCSF Archives & Special Collections and UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library in Pop Up Archive searchable, forgotten voices of history can be just a keyword search away.

(Note: though audio search is enabled, due to server errors unrelated to Pop Up Archive, audio does not currently play from the hackathon’s winning site.)

Play with our super simple API and imagine how you can incorporate our tools for audio search into your site.