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There are so many sources for podcast recommendations these days, it’s hard to keep track of them all. If you subscribe to multiple podcast newsletters, like The Timbre or The Podcast Broadcast, chances are your inbox is continuously piling up with more and more new audio stories to listen to — not to mention one-off best-of listicles or sites like NPR’s Earbud.fm.

The proliferation of all these sources is thrilling, but can also be overwhelming for the new or casual listener trying to wade through it all. And older recommendations can quickly be forgotten as a barrage of new recommendations piles up.

Where to start? At Pop Up Archive’s Audiosear.ch, we collect recommendations from all over, with the goal of simplifying the podcast discovery process.

Introducing Pod-A-Day: discover one new podcast each day

Over the last few months, we’ve collected thousands of episode recommendations from podcast power listeners and added them to Audiosear.ch’s database. This tastemaker database — which is accessible both programmatically via theAudiosear.ch API and publicly via the Audiosear.ch site — captures the diverse insights and podcast tastes of people talking about podcasts around the web.

In our quest to improve podcast discovery, we’re digging into this trove of recommendations collected from around the web to offer you just one high-quality podcast episode each day. These recommendations might be from yesterday, or they might be from last year, allowing for the serendipitous discovery of gems from a podcast’s back catalogue. Along with the episode description and length, we’ll tell you what tastemakers have said about it, and even where to find it in iTunes or on Audiosear.ch.

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