Pop Up Archive: A partner in production

The Stoop is a forthcoming podcast from Hana Baba, Leila Day, and Julie Caine that tackles oft-ignored aspects of race and identity. They describe the project as “a space where fun, funk, and journalism come together in a podcast that’ll go deep into topics about black identity that aren’t openly discussed.”

The concept for the podcast originated in conversations between Leila and Hana, the two co-hosts, in the kitchen of the KALW newsroom. “We’d always find ourselves talking about things that we’d read in comments sections and how we never hear any of these stories really unfolding in radio or in podcasting. That got us thinking,” says Leila. Julie Caine, the managing producer for the podcast, had her own “aha” moment while attending the Third Coast festival a few years ago. She was in a main session, with hundreds of attendees, and noticed how few people of color were in the room: “The lack of black voices was deafening.”

As the team began to get to work, Pop Up Archive became a critical tool in their production workflow. According to Leila, “Transcribing is always sort of hanging over you as something you need to get around to. The cool thing about Pop Up Archive is you can upload the tape, get the transcript, and basically start writing the script immediately. In some cases we are working through many hours of tape for a single episode. Pop Up Archive is like having a partner in that production process.”

The Stoop team scans through completed transcripts for the best moments, doing copy editing as they go. Leila says: “Pop Up really helps with our speed and efficiency in putting episodes together. I remember a moment when we first started brainstorming our episodes and who we’d interview and all the content that would go into each episode… and there was this moment when we looked at each other and thought, ‘This is gonna be a lot of work. And a lot of transcribing.’ There are so many great projects that don’t get off the ground because of all the time required. Pop Up means you just need to get started on production, you can’t blame not having the transcript.”

The Stoop’s format will be flexible, varying with each twenty-ish minute episode. A sneak peak of the podcast first aired on the KALW program Crosscurrents. Hana, Leila, and Julie obtained pilot money for the project from NPR, which will test the podcast on the NPR One app before it launches. Look for it coming soon!

See you in the archive,

The Pop Up Archive team