Pop Up Archive customers: Save 15% on Hearken and engage your audience

“Pop Up Archive and Hearken provide absolutely critical services for reporters and news organizations. Hearken allows us to interact with our audience in a meaningful way, and with Pop Up Archive we can quickly transform audio into searchable text that makes production more efficient and online accessibility simple. These platforms are indispensable parts of any 21st century newsroom.”

—Tim Olson, Chief Digital Officer (KQED)

Organizations know that they need to listen to and engage their audiences, but how best to do it? What’s the most useful form of feedback to get? What tools to use? And the big doozy: can engagement actually help our bottom line? (Spoiler alert: yes!)

Hearken is a new model for audience-first content creation. Their unique process and supporting custom platform enables organizations from newsrooms to museums to schools (and more!) to engage the public with their content, leading to increased engagement and subscriptions.

Their partners have discovered:

  • Hearken-powered stories yield 11-15x more pageviews than their other stories

  • The Hearken process generates new, qualified emails for newsletters and subscriptions (one newsroom found Hearken-engaged readers were up to 5x more likely to become paying subscribers!)

  • Advertisers are willing to pay 6x the rate to be placed alongside public-powered stories

  • Partnering with the public results in differentiated, award-winning stories

Hearken is powering engagement in hundreds of organizations across 15 countries, in every format (broadcast TV and radio, print, podcast, digital-only, etc.) and every story style (breaking news follow-ups, investigative, human interest, topic-focused, live events, etc.).

Hearken means “listen.” Pop Up Archive partners understand the value of listening, and Hearken is offering you a big discount, waiving the $1,250 set-up fee for an annual subscription if you sign up by the end of 2017. Head here to sign up for a demo and learn how Hearken’s public-powered model and services can help take your engage efforts to the next level.

There’s no pressure to commit. They’ll first explore your engagement, editorial and business goals to see if there’s a match, and go from there.

Also: if you’re at the ONA conference in Washington D.C. this week – there are lots of opportunities to meet their team and explore their services. Check out their ONA page for details.

Happy listening!

The Pop Up Archive team


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