The Digital Public Library of America partners with Pop Up Archive

Searchable sound for libraries across the United States


Libraries across the United States house tens of millions of audio and video recordings, a rich and vibrant body of cultural history and content for the public, scholars, and researchers — but the recordings are virtually impossible to search.

The Digital Public Library of America is partnering with Pop Up Archive to offer discounted services to the DPLA network. This represents 1,600 libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies across the US. Through new service offerings available exclusively to the DPLA’s partner organizations, Pop Up Archive will automatically transcribe, timestamp, and generate keywords for the audio collections that take advantage of our partner discount.

Anne Wootton, Pop Up Archive CEO, says that “as a country, we’re creating so much more digital media with every day that passes. If 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, for libraries to keep up with the pace of audiovisual content creation, they need practices that can radically scale to meet the pace of creation.”

Dan Cohen, DPLA’s Executive Director, adds: “Our goal is to connect the widest audience with the greatest amount of openly available materials in our nation’s cultural heritage institutions, and audiovisual material has been both critical to our growing collection and less searchable than other forms. We’re delighted that we can work with Pop Up Archive to provide this valuable additional service to our constantly expanding network of libraries, archives, and museums.”

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