Uses for a “hyperaudio pad”

These are some ideas gleaned from the Popcorn.js Web Made Movies Google group. Mark Boas ( is up to some cool stuff…


Hypertranscripts in particular can be a great way of sharing and navigating through journalistic material, whether it be audio or video. It’s also a great way of consuming media, you can read or listen as you choose. There are also opportunities for citizen/amateur journalists to use the Hyperaudio Pad to quickly put audio or video programmes together.

Programming (in the sense of radio/tv programs as opposed to computer programs)

The Hyperaudio Pad could allow people to make their own audio and video programs relatively easily (while keeping the sources intact for anybody to re-edit).


Got some great feedback at the Mozilla Festival by film-makers that said they would use the Hyperaudio Pad as a preliminary mock-up tool used prior to putting the video together with a dedicated film-making program.