What would your dream podcast intern do?

What do podcasters need most? See the results of our mini-survey
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At Pop Up Archive we help audio creators with the day-to-day challenges of making audio more shareable and discoverable. So we posed the following question to the podcasters among Pop Up Archive and Audiosear.ch Twitter followers:

If you had one person’s time and energy to help your podcast, what would you have them do?

The responses we received are a good summary of audio creators’ priorities. Check out some of the top answers to our unscientific survey:

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The top needs these podcasters identified — “Write show notes” and “Identify (and create) shareable segments” — have to do with promoting podcasts. Both of those needs can be facilitated by the third most frequent response: “Transcribe raw tape/interviews.” Transcribing finished audio pieces in full makes it easier to rewrite audio stories for the web and identify key moments to share. (Read this podcasting use case where Pop Up Archive’s Emily Saltz describes how she uses Pop Up Archive to edit and promote Popcast.)

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the peanut gallery had some cheekier thoughts to add:

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Don’t see your answer represented? It’s not too late to email us and tell us what your audio intern would do (or maybe already is doing) for your audio stories!