What tastemakers are listening to: Podcasts hand-picked by people

Find recommendations from people you trust

The challenges of podcast discovery are well-documented. When the iTunes store lists over 250,000 podcasts (and counting!), how are listeners supposed to sift through it all to find their new favorite audio shows?

We’re collecting “Tastemaker” audio as part of our Audiosear.ch project to help listeners find the cream of the crop. It’s a way for you to see what different reputable sources have recommended over time, and what they have to say about those recommendations.

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Some listeners might go crazy for stories about design, while others might care more about technology and economics. Since the newsletter and Twitter sources we aggregate all come from real people with unique personalities, you can browse and find the recommenders that are most aligned with your own interests.

Audio picks from today or last month — with tastemaker commentary

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With all the longform interviews, storytelling, and educational podcasts being recorded these days, there are plenty of podcasts from months ago that still sound just as fresh today. Our new tastemaker page lists recommendations new and old.

We’ve also included short quotes about the picks from each source, so you can see not just what audio is interesting, but why it’s interesting.

Take a look at our new Tastemaker page. Your listening queue will fill up fast!

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